Graphics Training Programs

Our Graphics Academy is

The Reputed And Highly Advanced Training Center In Vadodara, Gujarat.

We provide a superior training environment to our students and develop their skills. We are one of the leading Graphics training institutes in our region. We assured you to give a bright future if you really want it.

We provide you an international level of training with highly professional and experienced faculty. Our center is based on highly innovative style of advanced computer application training. We supply the skilled candidates to Graphics Industry.

Our Professional Training Programs

We are offering professional training programs covering Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Video Editing, Animation, Digital Marketing and Programming Courses etc. These all are the certificate and diploma courses including career courses, professional courses, and short term skills boosting courses etc. The course duration varies from 1 month to 12 months. We have designed the whole syllabus according to the interest of students and executives. These courses can be attempted by any undergraduate and post graduate candidates. We offer an advanced level training including the best facilities for candidates.

Our Graphic Design Training Methodologies

We believe that a good learning depends on a great and creative philosophy. We have a proper infrastructure of guidance. Our instruction methodology stands on the four pillars. These are the primary base of our training. Here we are going to introduce you with the chief principles of our teaching methodology.


  1. Computer Application

Computer application is one of the most important pillars of our teaching methodology. We teaches extremely advanced and professional computer applications to our students. Our way of instruction is very dynamic. We teach our student a real meaning of applications through a very easy way. We always try to clear a concept that why this is. Then we guide them a correct structure of application field. In this procedure student become friendly with the programs and then they become an industry expert.

  1. Visual Grammar

We believe that to understands the Graphic you have to be aware with the whole visual grammar of Graphic Design. There are very few training centers who provide this type of facility. We are the one of the finest institutes who provide this training. We are vastly serious about the future of our students that’s why we have added a new element in our training. Visual grammar is known as a communication grammar. A design has its own language but how to understand it? don’t worry we will help you. We guide a right path to the success in design and multimedia field. We provide this training to clear your designing concepts very well. Visual grammar is the main key of becoming a professional Graphic Designer.


  1. Art and Sketching

To becoming a graphic designer, fashion designer, web designer, broadcasting media designer, video editor, motion graphics artist, fine artist, commercial artist, 3D/ 2D Animator, DTP operator, UI designer, everything which is related to design and creativity you have to develop your creativity or visualization skills. To enhance your creative thinking. We are furnishing the art and sketching classes by an expert artist who is less with the vast experience of creative visualization industry. In these classes we explain the most important rules of designing and creative imagination. In this subject we focus on the primal elements of the imaginative designs, visualization skills, and the specialized skills required to become a multimedia graphic design professional.


  1. Designing and Quizzes Competitions:

Competitions are the best way to appraise and meliorate the skills and abilities that is require for being a professional in any field. For it we organizes very knowledgeable and cultivatable competitions to reach the hidden talent of the students. These competitions give the students an opportunity to show their skill on a large platform. In these events students learn that how to work in a community and how to handle the work pressure. These types of events built a base of a professional designer. We organizes three types of competitions. Below given is the brief of these competitions.


  • Quiz Competitions: We believe in making our training better and better. We conduct these quizzes for the knowledge and skill development of the students. These competitions are organized twice in a year. We arrange these events according the curriculum of courses. We are committed to modify and polish the skills of our students by conducting excess information activities at cyclic distances. These events have so many challenging rounds for the scholars. These competitions help in deciding what the students have learned. Quiz competitions provide the perfect information about the students understanding level.


  • Mini Design Competitions: We conduct Mini Design competitions to determining the team spirit and group work. We held these competitions three times in a year. These competitions give an ample level of opportunities to students to display their real attainments. We always take an active interest in developing our students skills. Mini design competition is the perfect way to encourage the confidence to amend and abolish them as a professional multimedia designer.


  • Grand Annual Design Competitions: Annual Design competition is an active platform. It is based on web development, web designing, graphic designing, 3d and 2d animation, video editing, multimedia etc. This is our heroic design competition. We are grateful to organized this competition. This event conducted once in a year. This is the one of the biggest chance for student to amend their skill. We believes that competitions are essential in the learning cognitive process.